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5 Reasons to Choose Bowen Therapy Training | National Bowen 5 Reasons to Choose Bowen Therapy Training – National Bowen
Tuesday | September 22, 2020
  • Expand your clientele!

    Gaining clientele is easier when you put yourself out there and tell people about what you do. Be an active member of your community, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

  • Continue Your Education;
    Get Trained by Professional Bowen Therapy Practitioners

    Continuing education not only gives you more tools to work with, it recharges your creative battery and puts excitement back in your work. Plus, most states give continuing education units (CEs) for completing the Bowen Therapy training.

  • See what we can do for your business!

    Why see one person when you can actually help five? Increase your productivity and income base with Bowen Therapy training.

5 Reasons to Choose Bowen Therapy Training

1. You can work on more than one person at a time. Bowen practitioners often work on 3 to 5 clients at once. More clients equal an increase in production and income.

2. The age-range of your clientele expands. Because Bowen Therapy is a soft-touch therapy, even infants have benefited from it. People of all ages, all walks of life, and all degrees of health can benefit from it.

3. The clients don’t need to take off their clothes, saving you money on expensive oils and laundry bills.

4. In most states you can get continuing education units (CEs). (Check your state policies for confirmation.)

5. Since Bowen is a soft-touch therapy, practitioners don’t get overly tired or sore themselves. Bowen allows the body to begin healing on its own with little outside influence.

Put your money to good use; help your patients heal and your business expand!