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Testimonials | National Bowen Testimonials – National Bowen
Thursday | July 2, 2020
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    Gaining clientele is easier when you put yourself out there and tell people about what you do. Be an active member of your community, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

  • Continue Your Education;
    Get Trained by Professional Bowen Therapy Practitioners

    Continuing education not only gives you more tools to work with, it recharges your creative battery and puts excitement back in your work. Plus, most states give continuing education units (CEs) for completing the Bowen Therapy training.

  • See what we can do for your business!

    Why see one person when you can actually help five? Increase your productivity and income base with Bowen Therapy training.


Since 2003, I suffered with shoulder, neck and knee related problems and was a prime candidate for orthopedic surgery. Being into the healing arts and a massage therapist for over 30 years, I tried numerous types of bodywork, energy work, chiropractic, acupuncture even worked with Shamans to relieve the pain and inflammation. They all helped but didn’t receive the long lasting effect I was hoping for until I discovered Bowen Therapy. I go months without pain and receive a “tune-up” with Bowen whenever needed. I have not had surgery and I thank you Dr. Gene and Larry Dickey for being so patient and working hard with me as I received my Bowen certification January 2010. I now incorporate Bowen on guests from the spa where I work, private clients and even on animals especially my 17 yr old thoroughbred horse Godiva!

Date of Posting: May 13, 2015 Posted By: Mary LoPiccalo LMT, CBT, Musician Clarkdale, Arizona http://test.com

I Had my first Class in 1998. Returned 3-4 times to refine my hands. Took Level 4 with Milton’s Last Bowen Class. I have been practicing Bowen Therapy and Bowen Has taught me. My practice is 90% Bowen Therapy and results amaze me all the time. Even more challenging issues there is a fascinating result. Work on athletes, elderly, children, teens, adults with practically any stress in the body. I treat 17 to 30 individuals a week. Bowen is one therapy technique that I am grateful for learning. I get results and my clients will return for more Bowen to feel good and get balanced so they can work without stress. I LOVE BOWEN THERAPY.

Date of Posting: May 13, 2015 Posted By: Linda Neff Relexologist, BowenTherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher Cincinnati Area www.ReflexNeff.com

I discovered Bowen after an auto accident left me with a plate and 10 screws across my pelvis and 2 lugbolts screwed into my left hip. Other modalities were helpful, but the pain and suffering quickly returned. After the 1st Bowen treatment, relaxation set in and long-term healing began. The pain was completely gone after 2 treatments. I didn’t feel like the therapist was doing much, since she left me on the table for several minutes between bowen “moves”, but when the pain went away and stayed away, I knew it was the real deal! Shortly after, I decided to learn the technique in an effort to help other people like myself who suffered from structual pain. It’s been 7 years since I broke my left, right, front and back pelvis and my sacrum, and I am virtually pain free thanks to Bowen Therapy.

Date of Posting: May 13, 2015 Posted By: Gary Russell Bass Musician, Artist, Bowen Practitioner Arizona, Mississippi www.GaryRussellBass.com

The Advanced Bowen Therapy is a great addition to Basic Bowen I and II. Dr. Hummel and Larry Dicky are very helpful with hands on learning. I have learned so many more in depth techniques that I am excited to use Advanced Bowen on my family and clients!

Date of Posting: May 13, 2015 Posted By: Allison Williams Unknown

Says, I enjoyed the Basic Bowen Therapy training immensely. I found Dr. Hummel’s instruction to be clear, specific and true to the original Bowen technique.

Date of Posting: May 13, 2015 Posted By: Dr. Mark Schueler DC. BT.

A great augmentation to the body work I’ve been doing for the last seven years. Much more seems to be accomplished with much less effort and stress on the practitioner.

Date of Posting: May 13, 2015 Posted By: Phil Klem LMT

The Bowen class was an absolutely fascinating experience. I personally had changes occurred in my body that had been problematic for many years. Anyone interested in furthering their ability to help people and themselves should investigate this wonderful modality. Thank you Dr. Gene

Date of Posting: May 13, 2015 Posted By: Paul Anthony

What I got from the class. Dr. Hummel and Larry Dickey gave excellent education and support materials. There were pleasant comfortable surroundings to practice in. I experience several healings in my body and posture as a result of receiving Bowen therapy in class. I am very excited about how doing Bowen will enhance my bodywork practice. The class was sure enjoyable.

Date of Posting: May 13, 2015 Posted By: Marcia Vahila

The advanced class has cemented my belief that Bowen moves can change lives and do so quickly. This class provided knowledge I wanted to help my clients with more difficult issues. Thanks to Dr. Gene and Larry for a modality that has changed my life for the better!

Date of Posting: May 13, 2015 Posted By: Judy Elgin

First took the Bowen seminar in March 2004 and have retaken the class each time since. Bowen has changed my life ,my clients life and how I do business. Bowen gets lasting results . The classes are the best and Dr Hummel is a genius when it comes to Bowen and natural medicine.

Date of Posting: May 13, 2015 Posted By: Larry Dickey Canton, Ohio
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